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About the Levy

For just $2.25 more per month for the average household, this levy will protect and preserve thousands of acres of forests and open space throughout our county.

For Our Health

Preserving forests and open spaces limits sprawl, protects our water quality,
prevents air pollution, and give us all places to get outside and enjoy nature.

Protecting these spaces is critical to preparing for climate change and will set
an example of how urban areas can fight climate change while protecting our quality of life.

For Our Kids

All of King County’s kids deserve fun and safe places to play, regardless of where they live.

This measure will fund the maintenance and upgrades of playground equipment and sports fields in every part of the county, making sure our playgrounds and fields are improved, safe, and open for all of our kids and for the families that move here.

The levy also invests in improving and expanding access to our pools and aquatic facilities, not only improving opportunities for exercise and play, but important as summers get hotter, and our population continues to grow.

For Our Communities

Everyone has a right to enjoy the parks and programming King County provides.

No matter where you live, this measure expands access by providing environmental education for King County students, and expands free admission programs and program opportunities at the Zoo and Aquarium, cornerstones of our regional commitment to hands-on, scientific exploration and inspiration.

The levy also provides funding for local cities to improve parks and playgrounds in every community.

Learn more about the levy here.